Posted in Cubitt by gvd on August 21, 2013

An article by Amy Smith on camdenreview.com.

Is your Facebook or Twitter timeline filled with people posting images of their dinners?

Can you resist the temptation to photograph every meal?

A new solo show at Cubitt gallery might just be your favourite new dish.

Belgian artist Jef Geys will be live streaming images from London restaurants straight into the gallery.

The newly commissioned piece will create a live archive, documenting the dishes produced at Restaurant Story and The Sportsman, Seasalter.

“In a way it is a tribute and celebration of these establishments,” said curator Jamie Stevens.

“But also there is a coldness to how the images are received in the gallery which I think can be understood as Jef pointing to the torrent of food-related content that we are met with at the moment on television, in newspapers and on the high street.”

Geys creates all his work from his hometown in Balen, Flanders – a town just over a 10th of the size of Islington – as an articulate gesture against the monopoly that large cities appear to hold over the discussion and display of major works. “Jef uses his relatively obscure geographical location to test the art world’s concept of publicness,” said Stevens.

“He is insistent that his own community should be treated with the same consideration as the cosmopolitan audiences of cities such as London.”

A prime example of his position being that he has taken over the local paper Kempens Informatieblad to disseminate discussions on contemporary art that he translates into Flemish.

The show will also present ephemera relating to the bar in Balen that Geys oversaw throughout the 1960s. The programme often combined work by respected artists including Marcel Duchamps with local drag and cabaret acts.

“I enjoy the scepticism that Jef displays in all of his exhibitions,” said Stevens. “His prickly position is always balanced against his earnest, somewhat romantic belief that art can and should force open multiple ways of seeing and thinking.”

At the Cubitt gallery, 8 Angel Mews, N1 9HH, from September 4-October 13.



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