Posted in Uncategorized by gvd on March 22, 2015

Ina Vandebroek – Yes

Night falls and the crickets

burst out in unison.

A cool breeze dances

through the hills.

The night settles peacefully

over the land.

Under its dark blanket

the river continues

its unruly course.

Into the forest I stand,

down by the water hole.

Time fi bathe.

Time fi hurry up.

Mosquitoes never catch sleep.

They One Love every piece

of human body.

There’s no escape, no mercy.

Juney tells me burning

the John Charles bush

keeps them at bay.

Ancient knowledge,

modern wisdom.

There is no ailment of life

these hills can not remedy.

This is the yes land,

And I am a yes lady.

Ina Vandebroek (Portland, 21 March 2015)

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