thank you – Rory Stewart

Posted in Uncategorized by gvd on May 11, 2015

Dear all,

Thank you, very much, for taking an interest in our work over the last five years.  And a particular thank you to those who voted in the election.  We’ve achieved the highest majority ever recorded in Penrith & The Border, since the seat was created in 1950. (The majority has almost doubled since 2010, to just under 20,000).

I’m very aware how so much of what we’ve achieved – in affordable housing, farming, neighborhood planning, smart energy, protecting our landscape, or winning better broadband and mobile phone coverage, is due to your effort – the effort of Cumbrian communities. It is Cumbrian energy that’s allowed these projects to flourish, in some of the most testing and remote places in the United Kingdom.

I would love, with your support, over the next five years to continue to fight to keep Cumbria the best place in the United Kingdom.  This isn’t a time for rehearsing manifesto, it’s really just a time to thank you.  And to say how much the last few weeks has reminded me how lucky we are, how precious Cumbria is, and how hard we must continue to fight to preserve it.

Thank you for voting for me.  Thank you for your support.  I am so proud to have had the privilege of being re-elected as your Member of Parliament,


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